iPod Weddings: Part 1

The whole issue of I-Pod weddings is a thorny one and few people understand it properly but here it is in a nutshell. I’ve taken my info from the AVLA website and they have authority over the music copyrights and they issue DJ’s with their licenses.

1) I-Pod weddings are legal if the wedding couple buy a one-time license for the reception. We know that the chance of that happening is very slim. An I-Pod wedding could be legal if the reception was at a private place like a backyard tent or home.

2) An unlicensed I-Pod wedding is illegal in a hall or hotel that rents their premises for events. It’s important that halls and hotels understand this because they also could be liable in a lawsuit.

The AVLA license is good for one event and any copied CD’s or music on the I-Pod that was used for the reception must be destroyed or erased after the vent and we know that the chance of that happening is also very slim. The AVLA has authority to litigate any unlicensed event and that goes for unlicensed DJ’s copying music or using unlicensed hard drives.

Post by Ted Chamberlain
Ted’s Tunes DJ Service

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