Niagara Disc Jockey Association

The Niagara Disc Jockey Association represents the finest professional Disc Jockey services in Niagara. Our membership is carefully selected from the leading companies in the region. While most Disc Jockey Associations will let anyone join, the NDJA is exclusive: companies are carefully evaluated for their professionalism, performance, and experience before membership is granted.

A representative from the NDJA has attended at least one performance of every company in the association, so we know they’re the best in the Niagara Region. NDJA member companies have the best equipment, the best DJs and the best music. When quality is important, make sure you book a NDJA member for your next event.


The NDJA is a non-profit association. Most DJ associations charge excessive fees and require large quantities of members to maintain their operation. Membership in the NDJA is inexpensive, but it is exclusive. Member companies have to be among the best DJ services available: no exceptions. Simply look for the NDJA logo when booking your DJ service and be assured of the best Niagara has to offer.

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