Niagara Disc Jockey Association
NDJA Members have the Biggest and Best Music Libraries in Niagara! NDJA Members use Professional Sound and Lighting!
Choosing Your Entertainment:
When choosing your DJ, you should check that:
  • They are experienced, professional, and a member of the Niagara Disc Jockey Association.
  • They have a detailed, professional contract for the services to be provided.
  • They offer both backup staff and equipment.
  • They are insured and licensed.
What About Price
A expensive DJ service does not guarantee a good DJ, but a cheap DJ service almost always guarantees a bad DJ. Avoid low priced, bargain DJ's. A quality DJ service has invested $10,000 or more per system, so you will not find them priced at $150 a night. About $500 is a good starting point when budgeting for a professional DJ service.
NDJA Bidding Service
The NDJA bidding service provides customers with the option of setting their own price. Send us your event info and the price you'd like to pay, and we'll forward it to the NDJA Members. We do not guarantee a response, especially if the price is very low, but member companies have the option to accept your price or make a counter offer.

NDJA Bidding Service

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